The workshop will feature keynote addresses and technical presentations, oral and poster, all of which will be included in the workshop proceedings.

Papers are solicited for the following areas in theory and applications



  • Machine learning theory
  • Cognitive principles for machine and ensemble architectures and training
  • Adaptive and sparsity-aware learning
  • Deep learning and extreme machines
  • Cognitive psychological modeling
  • Machine understanding and human-machine interaction
  • Cognitive dynamical systems
  • Cognitive fuzzy methods and techniques
  • Cognitive decision making and game theory
  • Collaborative sensing
  • Large-Scale Machine Learning

  • Distributed and cooperative processing
  • Cognitive communications: Modulation, networks, dynamic spectrum management and personalization.
  • Cognitive radar and sonar: Detection, estimation, tracking and target identification
  • Information (data, text, audio, image, video) mining
  • Social networks
  • Applications in social sciences, medicine, neuroimage, bioinformatics, energy and smart grids, advanced manufacturing, robotics, artificial vision, engineering systems, industrial processes, economy and finance.